Practicum, Volunteer & Observation

Practicum Students

Students who wish to receive credit for hours served at the Vivian Olum CHild Development Cneter must apply and get approval prior to starting in the position.  We host students from multiple areas of study, and in order to best match your needs, you must inform us of any requirements you have for your placement.  To apply, submit an application.  A background check is also required.  Once you are placed, we will assist you with the background check.  We do accept College of Education card.


The Vivian Olum Child Development Center accepts community volunteers in all of our classrooms.  Volunteers assist our classroom staff by interacting with children and supporting their development in a number of ways.  We generally seek a commitment for the term and look for a commitment of 4-10 hours per week.  Volunteers must pass a background check prior to beginning at the center, and are never left alone with children. 


The Vivian Olum Child Development Center is happy to host students who need to make observations of children for a class assignment.  On the application, please indicate the course name, professor, the purpose of the assignment, and when you are available.  We will schedule the observation and let you know.  Observations must be scheduled in advance, and may be limited or rescheduled based on classroom needs.  One person at a time may be scheduled in the classroom, and teachers have the right to end an observation if it is disrupting routines.  Please plan ahead and do not wait until the final day of your assignment.  Photography or any type of recording is prohibited.  To apply, submit an application and signed code of conduct.