How To Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Vivian Olum Child Development Center.

We are currently accepting wait list applications from families who are affiliated with the university through their employment or student status.

If you are a university-affiliated family, please make an appointment to tour the center before you submit your wait list application if possible. If you decide that the Vivian Olum Child Development Center is the right choice for your child/ren, and you would like to place your child/ren on the wait list, please submit a completed application and non-refundable $20.00/child (cash or check only) fee to the center. Wait list applications must be renewed annually for your child/ren to remain on our wait list for an extended period of time. You will be contacted prior to your anniversary date so that you can maintain your current status on the list.

Openings for new children are filled from the wait list. Before making an enrollment offer, the center considers the ages of the children on the wait list in relation to the center's annual enrollment model and then assigns enrollment priority as follows:

  • Scheduled changes of currently enrolled children whose parent is UO staff or faculty
  • Siblings of currently enrolled children whose parent is UO staff or faculty
  • UO staff and faculty families
  • Siblings of currently enrolled children whose parent is a student
  • UO student families
  • Community families

Although a majority of our openings become available in the fall, the center welcomes children throughout the year based on availability. We will contact you as soon as we anticipate an opening in your child’s age group.

We know finding high-quality care that meets your needs and addresses your values is of utmost importance to you. We do our best to accommodate the needs of families on our wait list. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a place when it is needed, regardless of priority status.

Wait List Policies & Procedures

  • To be considered a UO-affiliated family, at least one parent or guardian must be a current UO employee or a currently enrolled UO student attending school at least half time. In addition, the person requesting care must live either full or part time with the child to be enrolled.
  • Status of an individual’s UO-affiliation is verified through that individual’s listing as an employee or student in the UO Banner System. For current families, this will be verified at the time of an initial offer, and reviewed at least quarterly. Families who experience a status change with respect to UO-affiliation must immediately notify the center’s administration.
  • Ongoing enrollment beyond the academic year is guaranteed only for UO-affiliated employee families.
  • When schedule changes are requested, we follow our priority listed above.
  • Although the center tries to accommodate families on the wait list when making an enrollment offer, families may need to accept enrollment offers relatively quickly, so the center encourages families to update contact information and their need for care as changes occur.
  • Wait list applications are accepted throughout the year. Each application remains active for one year from the day the center receives the completed application with payment of the non-refundable application fee. The center will notify each family at least one month before the family’s application expiration date, and the family may renew at that time for another year.
  • To remain on the wait list for another year a family must submit an updated application accompanied by the annual non-refundable fee no later than the family’s application expiration date. If a family submits an application after that date it will be treated as a new application (not a renewal).
  • Changes to the wait list application (e.g. requested start date or schedule) can be made at no cost at any time.