8 children: 8 weeks to 1 year


The Dreamers classroom serves the center’s youngest children and sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of infants.  The program is designed to help babies feel secure, with attentive adults warmly responding consistently and supportively to each child’s cues.  Routine aspects of care-giving such as diapering and feeding provide opportunities for significant one-on-one interactions with adult caregivers that nurture relationships as well as promote children’s development.  The physical environment is also an important aspect of the program.  We provide materials, experiences and the physical space for children to explore through touch, sound and sight, a requisite for their cognitive growth.

While being supportive of infants in their quest for competence, our teachers look to the parents as the best resource for working with their children.  We encourage parents to spend as much time as they would like visiting or breast feeding their children in the classroom.