12 children: 1 to 2 years


The Builders classroom provides care for older babies and young toddlers.  Teaching staff begin to regularly implement carefully planned activities to foster cognitive, emotional, self-help, language, physical, and social growth while continuing to emphasize attentive and supportive relationships among children, caregivers and parents.

Motor development ia a big part of the toddler classroom and activites are planned to engage children and provide opportunities to practice emerging skills for both fine and large motor.  Cognitive growth is illustrated through the toddler's growing understanding of the world and how things work.  Activities are designed to be open ended and include opportunities for new experiences, as well as repetition and practice.

Language acquisition is another developmental achievement for children at this time.  Supporting this emerging cognitive skill is an important focus for our teaching staff.  Adults responding to communication attempts, modeling language, and providing daily experiences with books and music and designed to support growing language acquisition.